Les Bois Interior Design   

Affordable award winning designs gracing the "City of Trees" since 2006              

Les Bois Interior Design offers full scope professional design services in Boise, Eagle and the surrounding areas as well as McCall and Ketchum Idaho.  Whether you need assistance with new home finish selections or restyling a single room, LBID has you covered. 

Finish Selections

Creating continuity and visual aesthetic through finish selection is the key to any design project.  Common areas of finish are paint, tile & stone, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, hardware, doors & millwork.  Each finish must relate to each other, creating a balance within the space, while providing the perfect juxtaposition of style, color and texture. 


Working with LBID will allow you to make the most of your finish budget and create a timeless space using fashion forward finishes along side classic elements, so you get a space that you love and one which won't need to be "re-worked" next year.  


 As an added benefit of working with LBID, you'll enjoy trade discounted material pricing passed on directly to you with NO markup, unlike working with most designers.


Interior Design & Space Planning

Whether conceptualizing an entirely new floor plan, or creating a furniture layout for an existing space, space planning and design is essential when embarking on change.


Through this process you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your goals can be met, while avoiding costly errors. 


Especially when space is limited, this service allows you to maximize your home and your dollar!  From creating dual purpose spaces to verifying clearances, all while focusing on ergonomics and aesthetic, LBID will deliver a well planned space that has room for everyone. 


Real Estate Purchase & Sale

Getting ready to sell?  A few simple changes can make an enormous difference in both the timeline and final sales price.  LBID will identify the best value-added areas for improvement and suggest finishes that will complement your home's existing style while incorporating current trends that are sure to hook potential buyers....you may not want to leave!


In addition to finish updates, furnishings and accessories are an important asset to a quick and profitable sale.  LBID can assist in filtering through existing furnishings and advising on what to include as part of your staging, and what would be better off removed during the sale process.  Shopping services for additional "fill-in" items are offered as well.


Looking to buy?  Purchasing a new home can be intimidating.  It's unlikely to find exactly what you're looking for in an existing home.  LBID offers consulting services, allowing you to see the potential (or dangers) of a prospective property before you buy.  Additionally, cost estimating services are available, helping you better understand the potential cost of future improvements.